Cloves [Syzygium Aromaticum]

Clove is the common name of dried flower bud from a tree of the myrtle family. Clove oil is obtained from cloves by distillation. They are used whole or ground, to flavor ales, mulled wines, curries, rice, meat, soap, preserves and stewed fruits. It has numerous medicinal uses such as aiding with: toothache, vomiting, indigestion; heals cuts & bites and etc…

Grades of cloves we supply

Cloves Grade 1

Grade 1 cloves consist of baby cloves with admixture level of at least 1% and with less than 25% of headless cloves.

Lal Pari

This is the second finest quality available in cloves, with less than 0.5% of admixture with few headless and baby cloves. The impurity level of this grade will be very marginal.

Hand picked

Ceylon Handpicked cloves are the very finest cloves available. They are hand-picked and selected for size and perfection. These cloves are whole and unblemished. This grade is free from impurity and with minimum level of headless and free from admixture & baby cloves.

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